• 23/10/2019

Three Sixty Receive A1 Rating from The Considerate Constructors Scheme

Jason Tighe

Three Sixty are proud to have received an 'A1' and 'very good' rating from the The Considerate Constructors Scheme for face-lift construction works to occupied low-rise housing in the Adswood area of Stockport, this project includes works to: roofing, render and rainwater goods. Three Sixty's construction arm are carrying out these works to individual properties with a compound that provides office, welfare and some storage accommodation. 

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) is a not-for-profit, independent organisation founded in 1997 by the construction industry to improve its image. The scheme is designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements and Three Sixty are proud to be exceeding these requirements yet again.

When the CSS were feeding back on their score for Three Sixty's Adswood project, they said, "Both compound and work areas are neat and tidy and site cleanliness and order is strongly promoted. Tenants are provided with very good client and contractor contact information and the neighbours are kept well informed via a TLO and written advice, [adding to this] neighbours with special requirements have been identified with works adjusted to minimise their impact. Three Sixty promotes CSR activities and this [face-lift Adswood] project has helped carry out good will work for a local food bank. The site’s environmental procedures are very good and safe access to is properties is maintained. The changing room doubles as a multi-faith prayer room. The site is performing well in all areas of the Code of Considerate Practice."

Three Sixty believe that the construction industry has a huge impact on all our lives, with most construction work taking place in sensitive locations and that is why it's so important to exceed best practices.