We made a name for ourselves as the award-winning maintenance and repairs team who looks after over 12,000 social and private properties. We provide maintenance and repairs for local authorities, housing associations, private companies and landlords.  

We are people people. We put people first and keep a community-led approach at the centre of how we operate. That means we do the little things that make a big impact. We leave our workspaces tidy, we respect the homes of our customers and we are genuinely friendly and dead warm.  

We know that when you outsource a maintenance and repairs team, they become a reflection of you. So we treat your people the same way we treat ours: with professionalism, kindness and respect. We help protect your investment by keeping your facilities and properties in the best nick.  

We deliver every aspect of the maintenance and repairs service including gas maintenance, electrical services repairs, improvements, touch ups and upgrades. Trusting us with your maintenance and repairs means:  

  • We’re fit for purpose whether you need help with 10 properties or 10,000 – we have the agility and the infrastructure to take on small projects as well as large-scale endeavours.  
  • Our tradespeople are fully accredited. As a team, we hold a prestigious RoSPA Gold award and we’re a part of the Considerate Contractors scheme.  
  • Our maintenance and repairs service can be tailored to your needs. Need cover 24/7/365? We provide that for some of our clients. We can also provide service during other times.  

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