Client Stockport MBC
Duration 4 years
Cost £8 million

Offerton Estate is one of our long-term projects which shows how flexible, comprehensive and focused our construction team is.  

We’ve started the project by surveys undertaken in all of the properties in the Offerton Estate Improvement programme, to find out the condition of their existing: kitchens, bathrooms, heating systems, doors, roofs, external cladding and windows. After the surveys, we've decided what improvements are needed in properties in line with the survey's results plus the condition and age of the buildings.  

The scope of Three Sixty's work was to update the above aspects of every home as necessary to create a positive, energy-efficient estate in which the community is proud to live.  

Offerton is a suburb of Stockport in Greater Manchester. Historically part of Cheshire, Offerton includes Bosden Farm, Foggbrook and the Offerton Estate - home to many social and private homes where Three Sixty Construction is working on the improvements. 

The works were planned to last four years, and we're now in the final year of this project. 


New cladding and wall insulation improved the energy efficiency of the buildings 

The properties had cross-wall constructions with load-bearing walls to the side elevations or party walls. The original elevations were 75 mm timber construction with a single-ply and timber cladding construction at the end of its lifespan. Insulation was almost non-existent.  

To improve the thermal efficiency, our team stripped the front and rear properties back to the original 75 mm timber structure, which was set back inside the brick cross walls. This allowed us to improve the original structure's integrity and build more high-quality Rockwool insulation and timber layers into the initial framework.  

The new cladding systems incorporated modern construction methods, including an insulated dry brick slip system installed on the ground floor elevations and a flush-fitting fibre cement tongue and groove cladding system to the upper floors. 

This new insulation improved the sound efficiency of the building too.  

The new appearance of properties  

To improve the appearance of the buildings, the Three Sixty team selected materials that will give a more modern contemporary look for the cladding systems. We also introduced two cladding systems to the properties elevations that complement each other to enhance the original tired look and condition of the original elevations.  

The estate has always been notoriously difficult to navigate due to site layouts and overlaps of streets. We've set up properties in particular streets in different cladding colours, so they can be identified much easier now. It helps to find the proper addresses but also improved the overall appearance and brightened up the properties.  

Three Sixty removed the redundant bin stores on the front elevations, as they made the properties look untidy and installed front entrance lighting to the external elevation.  

The installed cladding systems are low maintenance, UV resistant, resistant to rot, and immune to attack by insects and other pests to reduce future maintenance. What's more, we've carefully considered the window and door apertures. The cladding was constructed in cassettes so they can be easily removed and reinstalled if needed.   

New roofs in Offerton  

Three Sixty has transformed several properties by fitting new, insulated roofs. The colour and style of the tops are consistent with the colour palette of the area. We install Old English Red, Marley Moderns and Smooth Grey to complement the cladding colours on particular properties.  

Other improvements in Offerton Estate  

Three Sixty Construction team has replaced windows and doors in some properties, selected due to condition and age of the buildings.  

We were replacing kitchens and bathrooms for Offerton during whole projects. Many residents responded with delight when Three Sixty fitted their kitchen and bathrooms. Improving their interior has helped to improve the quality of life for many people. 

Feedback from residents  

Customer feedback has been excellent. The residents are very pleased with the enhanced look of the properties. Customers informed Three Sixty that thermal efficiency had improved dramatically. Before the heating was on all day, and now it wasn't required in the summer months at all, and in winter only short durations during the day because the properties retained the heat.  

Residents Mr & Mrs Ellison said, "Excellent work carried out and [Three Sixty] were very pleasant and a good laugh. They worked really hard and made sure we knew every movement. Very polite and friendly." 

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