Are you a supplier or sub-contractor, interested in becoming part of our approved database?

Our organisation operates a rigorous vetting process to assess the suitability of contractors and suppliers. If you would like to have a discussion with us about this, please fill in the contact form below. Then, a member of our team will send you a new vendor form as well or our subcontractor questionnaire.

Please review the document and then complete all the areas indicated before sending it back. Once received this will be reviewed and you will either be added to our database for future opportunities or advised otherwise.

N.B. Our parent company Stockport Homes Group request that your business is verified by Constructionline at the minimum of Silver (level 2) membership to be able to continue to work with Three Sixty Construction. Stockport Homes Group will be unable to issue work orders and authorise payments unless this process is fully complied with. If you are a current provider, not currently registered with Constructionline, and are in the process of applying for Constructionline membership, then you may need to contact us to ensure that any outstanding valuations will be authorised.

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