Welcome to Three Sixty

We are an award-winning, profit-for-purpose Construction and Property Management company based in the heart of Stockport and serving Greater Manchester. 

We are a unique organisation as we are led by a mission to achieve social, community and environmental benefits through our work and we channel our profits toward this mission. People are always at the heart of our business, we have an excellent track record for client satisfaction and throughout 2019 our customer satisfaction stayed above 99.85%.

We are proud to be the part of Stockport Homes Group.

What do people say about Three Sixty?

Three Sixty are delivering innovative, quality, construction services across Stockport and the surrounding Greater MCR areas

Premier Construction Mag

The workmen were very hard working and pleasant to talk to.

Mrs Wedge

Everyone at Three Sixty was pleasant, friendly and a good laugh. They worked hard and made sure we knew every movement.

Mr Ellison

A hard working team and a great finished product.

Mrs Hadfield