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Three Sixty Construction

Quality construction service starts with a customer-first approach. That’s exactly what you get with Three Sixty. Putting customers first isn't a marketing buzzword. For us, it means considering your unique needs and tailoring appropriate solutions.  

It means doing that little bit extra to develop a long-term relationship with you. It means becoming your valued project delivery partner of choice. It's one of the reasons our customer satisfaction rate is over 99%. Our track record for completing projects on time and to the highest spec speaks for itself.  

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Whilst we are commercial minded, we are also community focused. We prioritise developing strong bonds within Stockport and Greater Manchester. Off site, we ring true to our core social purpose and reinvest our profits back into the community. It's our way of supporting the delivery of much-needed social schemes for the region. 

We provide the full range of contractor services. We bring the same passion and commitment to exceptional service to each job we undertake. Whether we're replacing every fire door in a block of flats or making improvements in a local school. Our full-service approach ensures we provide our clients with the best possible outcome. Regardless of what that might be.  

Since we're backed by a large housing group, we are in a unique position to price competitively. That means our expertise touches every corner of construction. We have the infrastructure in place to deliver large-scale projects and to tackle smaller jobs, too.  

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 Why choose Three Sixty for your construction needs?  

  • We provide full-service, flexible and diverse construction offerings. Projects we undertake range from £50k to £3m.  
  • Being part of Stockport Homes Group allows us to provide exceptional value-for-money due to our established relationships with statutory agencies.  
  • We commit to best practice construction methods. 
  • We have proven experience across a wide range of public and private projects.  
  • We have a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that your business can promote.   
  • We have a track record of health and safety, having achieved over 365 accident-free days across all our sites.  
  • We have vast knowledge of many sectors including residential housing, health, education, not-for-profit organisations and the private and public sectors.  

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Why was Three Sixty’s construction offering founded?  

We spotted a gap in the market for affordable, profit-for-purpose construction services. We also wanted to be able to offer employment to people disadvantaged in the labour market. Lastly, we were keen to invest back into the community in a meaningful way. Three Sixty was the solution to meet all those needs.