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Three Sixty Construction

Three Sixty Construction are proud to be delivering innovative, quality construction services across Stockport and the surrounding Greater Manchester areas.

We strive to put our customers first, ensuring we exceed expectations and become a valued partner, developing long-term relationships. Customer experience is paramount so we aim to get to know our customers on an individual level, appreciating that each will have their own needs and requirements.

Our dedicated team of construction professionals and highly skilled tradespeople can deliver full 360 degrees constructions projects from inception to completion.

Due to our core social purpose, we reinvest any profits made from our work back into the community in order to support and deliver the much-needed social outcomes for the region.


 Why choose Three Sixty Construction? 

  • We have the infrastructure in place to provide full-service, flexible and diverse construction offerings, projects we undertake range from £50k to £3m and involve various aspects of the built environment.
  • We are supported by our wider Group structure, being part of Stockport Homes Group means we can offer value for money and reliability due to established relationships with contracts and statutory agencies.
  • Unrivalled customer service with a satisfaction rate of over 99%
  • Proven experience across a wide range of public and private projects
  • A CSR strategy that your business can promote


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Why was Three Sixty Construction founded?

Three Sixty's Construction service was founded to deliver affordable profit-for-purpose quality construction services that followed all best practices. Three Sixty's key targets have always been to offer employment to people disadvantaged in the labour market and to create a surplus that can be invested back into the community.