• 19/04/2019

Future Build event inspires Stockport locals

Stockport train station

On Thursday 21st March, we held Future Build, an informative and hands-on open day aimed at introducing interested Stockport locals to the world of construction.

Local residents attended the event run by Three Sixty and B4Box, which offered those interested in a career in construction a starting point and overview of the industry.

Members of the group were able to take part in practical building demonstrations, construction and DIY sessions, and activities such as tiling and bricklaying within the B4Box workshop.

As well as getting hands-on, the group learnt about how we are improving homes in Offerton, taking a tour of the site. They also found out more about non-manual opportunities available in the industry and how to best progress up the career ladder.

Many members of the group found the support and information offered extremely helpful when it came to thinking about their futures.
Attendee Levi Bell said:

“Currently I do agency work but want to get into something full-time. Finding out more about the courses and training available has helped me work out how to get onto an apprenticeship. Hearing about the salaries for different trades was really interesting too.”

Jessica Read, another attendee on the day said: 

“I enjoy doing practical things and want to become multi-skilled in trade. I have three children and getting a qualification and job would help me to give them a better life. I’ve really enjoyed learning new things today, it’s helped me find out what I want to do and I hope to join an apprentice course next.”


"It’s great to see that ‘Future Build’ has been such a success. We at Three Sixty take every opportunity to inspire others with our work and help those interested to take the first steps into construction. Hopefully this will be the first of many similar sessions."

- David Wright, Chair of Three Sixty Board