• 01/08/2022

The Next Generation and the Future of Construction

Andy Burnham and apprenticeship

The past two years have been difficult for construction companies, although at Three Sixty, we’re keen to move forward and continue to demonstrate the impressive growth that we’ve shown throughout our five-year existence.

One of the key issues that we’re working to remedy for construction is the future of the workforce and how pathways for a new generation of construction workers will take shape. According to a recent RICS survey, 77% of respondents indicated fears surrounding labour availability, and with the challenges of the pandemic and post-pandemic environment to both organisations and workers alike, these fears are likely to persist. As one of the few companies that has continued to post profits despite industry-wide challenges, at Three Sixty we’re committed to looking forward and thriving rather than surviving.

Jason Tighe, Assistant Director at Three Sixty, has been working with local schools and colleges on the rollout of Stockport Borough’s first Building Services Engineering T-Level qualifications, an alternative to A-Levels during which college students spend time in industry to learn about construction while working towards the equivalent of three A-Levels.

Long-term thinking at Three Sixty focused on supply-side policies form the backbone of the company’s plans for the future, with the inspiration of the next generation key across the whole firm. As well as introducing T-Levels to the Borough, Jason Tighe has been delivering talks to local colleges in Stockport and throughout South Manchester in order to inculcate a renewed passion in a new cohort of construction workers.

At a grassroots level, the work that Jason and the entire team at Three Sixty have been doing to secure the future of the construction industry is essential, and in the long term will help with the ebbs and flows that the industry has experienced, particularly during the pandemic and in the post-pandemic era.

As a company, Three Sixty is invested in growth – not only internally and as a part of Stockport Homes Group – but also within the wider industry. With stats like the recent RICS survey demonstrating that there are threats to the continued viability of construction amidst different challenges faced in supply and labour, it’s vital that other companies continue to work hard to bring through new people into key roles throughout their businesses, from apprentices up to board level.

This growth must also focus on representation, which is another key area that Three Sixty have made huge strides in over the past few years. On the T-Level scheme that Three Sixty has partnered with the Trafford College Group, one third of participating students are female, presenting opportunities to those that might not have otherwise considered working in construction and helping to make our industry as representative as it can be.

Our continued partnership with the Trafford College Group is just one of the ways that we’re supporting local young people looking to get involved in the world of construction, and we’ll continue to offer pathways to employment via apprenticeships and other schemes to ensure that there are always opportunities for local people in Stockport and Greater Manchester.

As we move into the future, and as Three Sixty continues to grow, we’re looking to make an impact in the wider industry and keep punching above our weight. We’ve made waves with our long-term thinking – whether that’s introducing the first heat-recovery systems in social houses in Stockport or making our projects as environmentally-friendly as we can – and we’re keen to continue to drive the industry in a sustainable direction through recruitment, inclusivity, and planning. At all levels in the company, from the board to our operatives, we’re committed to building a brighter future for everyone, and working as one team to transform lives.