FRAS Doors

Stockport Homes
24 Months
£1.9 million

Three Sixty recently undertook a large project for landlords, public buildings and home owners, who were in need of Fire Door Supply, Installation and Certification.

A fire door is a complete door assembly set incorporating ancillary products such as smoke seals, intumescent strips and fire tested ironmongery all of which have been tested on the actual door set on which it comes. A fully certified fire door installed by a qualified professional such as one that Three Sixty provides will ensure that your tenants are safe. A well designed timber fire door will delay the spread of fire and smoke without causing too much hindrance to the movement of people and goods.

The scope of Three Sixty's work for this project was to update fire doors in several managed homes across Stockport.

The Result

Three Sixty Construction worked with the client to offer the most appropriate, cost-effective solution to meet a range of requirements in terms of usage and fire rating. The consultative approach ensured clients received the best possible solutions to maximise cost effectiveness and reduce potential long-term maintenance costs.

Many residents who received the new doors complimented the speed of the works and how they feel more comfortable with peace of mind knowing their door was safe and secure.

After the inspection and fitting was completed, a detailed report was written that outlined the condition of each doors and specific details on which parts need to replaced and how these can be best managed in the future.


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