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Proven experience across a wide range of projects

Although Three Sixty’s only six years old, we’re proud to boast a wealth of experience throughout all levels of the company. We’ve been working in the housing and construction sectors for decades and understand the industries inside out.

Expertise runs through all levels of the business at Three Sixty, whether on the board, on our Construction team, or our Living team, and we’re keen to ensure that every project we work on and every job that we complete meets and exceeds our own high standards.

The team at Three Sixty have been working in construction and housing in Greater Manchester for years, working on projects of all sizes and with clients from throughout the sectors.

When it comes to:

and many more areas, the team at Three Sixty deliver the highest quality service in Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. We’re here to provide the expertise and to give you access to a wealth of experience in housing in the region to make your next project or property move as easy as possible.

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