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7 Benefits of Hiring Three Sixty Living as your Lettings Agent

When the time comes to rent out your property, there is a lot for a landlord to consider. Even if you have gone through the agonising process of renting properties in the past, it doesn’t get any easier doing it right – particularly if you’re going it alone. From time management to lining up your finances, finding an ideal tenant, to resolving that boiler issue and as your property portfolio grows, so do the responsibilities.

Having a property portfolio could be compared to having paternity leave. You prepare each property as much as you can, but when the time comes to go back to work – it’s time to hire someone to look after it day-to-day. However, having an experienced letting agent like Three Sixty Living, on your side isn’t just having a glorified ‘nanny’ for your property offspring – it can mean so much more.

There’s lots of good reasons why our landlords work with us, whether they have one property or twenty-one. Ian Speirs, our lettings and property management officer, with 10 years' experience in the property sector, talks us through seven benefits of hiring Three Sixty Living as your lettings agent. 

1. We’ll make sure you meet your 150+ legal obligations as a landlord

Tenancies can be surrounded by an absolute quagmire of red tape and legal obligations, but we have the tools and resources to make sure you meet those obligations. From correct documentations using appropriate terminology, to ensuring safe checks are completed and correctly protecting a deposit – we’re on it. We will also make sure you’re up to date with any law changes, ensuring you are legally compliant. Often minor changes and details can be overlooked; you can rely on us to pay attention to these details and keep you informed.

 2. We’ll find you the most suitable tenant possible

With access to extensive referencing and screening processes, we'll do our utmost to ensure your new tenants are suitable. Whilst we can’t promise to find the perfect tenant, we have the skills and experience to spot some of the tell-tale signs of less than suitable tenants.

3. We’ll record a thorough inventory at no extra cost

An absolute must for any tenancy is a comprehensive inventory. This will protect you if and when a tenant moves out and there’s damages that you weren’t expecting. We've worked with landlords whose previous lettings agent hasn't completed an inventory. As a result, they were unable to make proper claim on the tenant's deposit and were out of pocket. You don't have to worry about this happening to you when you hire us to be your lettings agent. We will complete a comprehensive inventory with photos and protect the deposit at no extra cost. And in the very unlikely event that there’s a deposit dispute, we’ll even manage that for you too.

4. We’ll routinely check up on your property

It’s important for any landlord or letting agent to make sure your property is being well maintained. We’ll regularly visit your tenants to ensure that there are no issues. We'll check there are no minor maintenance problems that need resolving, keeping an eye out for any potential issues tenants may have overlooked that could lead onto something bigger. You’ll have the benefit of our keen eyes to put your mind at ease.

5. You’ll never need to find a handyman

We have a full suite of professional and vetted tradespeople on hand to tackle your maintenance needs. Your tenants can also tap into our 24 hours emergency repairs line for those dreaded middle of the night or mid-winter boiler breakdowns.

6. You’ll have peace of mind

Your time is precious, but so are your properties. Whether you're a first-time landlord, unsure of how to navigate the wilderness of your first tenancy or you have multiple properties and want the time to focus on building your portfolio, you can trust our dedicated and experienced professionals to look after your investment.

7. You’ll have your own dedicated property manager

Each of our teams have years of lettings and property management experience, we’re well versed in the good, the bad and the ugly of what finding a tenant and managing a property is all about. You’ll have a one-on-one relationship and a regular point of contact to give you the confidence that you’re in good hands.

When you work with a lettings agent, you'll be able to tap into a fountain of knowledge and a wealth of experience in the property sector. Good lettings agents also offer complete peace of mind and make landlords happy and deliver a great service ... and that's just what we do.

Ready to take the next steps in letting out your property? Contact Ian for a coffee and a chat today. You can pop him an email at [email protected] or give him a bell on 07971 504868.