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6 questions you must ask to find your perfect tenant

Every landlord and estate agency want to find a solid and dependable tenant to live in the property they’re letting.  

We all know that things can go wrong, and if you have ever seen ‘Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords’ on TV, the reality of being a landlord is all too clear. 

We’ve prepared a list of 6 questions that will help you decide if the person is right for you and your property. We ask potential tenants questions like this as it draws the initial picture of them. If you are letting your property with us, you can be sure that we’re doing our best to choose the right people and ensure you are happy before any tenancy begins.   

1. When are you looking to move?  

This is one of the first questions which quickly establishes if the applicant meets our primary requirements. We always want to reduce void periods as much as possible, 6 questions you must ask to find your perfect tenant. Talking to applicants who want to move in the future is always useful but for properties that are available now, we are keen to make the perfect match as efficiently as possible.   

Are you worried about having void periods? Check out our Leasing Offer! We will pay rent even if the property becomes empty. 

2. What is your income, and do you have a stable job? 

According to Citizens Advice, in January 2021, half a million private renters in the UK were behind on their rent. 

As we want to avoid situations like this, our tenants-to-be monthly income should be at least three times the rent, so we are sure they can afford to live in the property. All prospective tenants for Three Sixty Living will complete an affordability assessment form to demonstrate their ability to pay rent and manage the general running costs associated with having a tenancy.  

If we meet a potential tenant who doesn’t have the right earning potential, we will either try and find other properties more affordable for them, or direct them to local companies that might be able to help such as Stockport Homes. This is all about creating a sustainable and successful tenancy for both the tenant and you.   

3. Do you have the right to rent in the UK?  

As we are signing the contracts with the tenants, we must ensure that they have the legal right to live and rent in the UK. We are not discriminating against anyone and we are open to renting properties to any applicant that meets the criteria set for the property by the landlord. All applicants need to demonstrate they have the Right to Rent before we can sign a contract with them.  

4. Do you have pets?  

Nowadays, more landlords prefer not to rent apartments to people with pets, so accepting them may boost interest in your rental property. 

If you want to rent a flat to a family or a couple for the long term, you should consider that they may have a pet. If so, it’s reasonable to ask for a reference from any previous landlord to demonstrate that the animal was well looked after and no damage to the previous property caused.  

5. How long are you planning to rent the flat?  

It’s an important question as it’s almost always better to seek long-term tenants who want to make your property their home for the foreseeable future. It saves time and helps avoid void periods. Most estate agents agree that the best tenants actively look for a tenancy lasting at least 12 months. 

6. Do you have references from the previous landlord?  

References from the previous landlord will be an additional advantage. It doesn’t have to be anything special, only a confirmation that the tenant paid the rent on time and didn’t leave any damages.  

Three Sixty Living will always get references for prospective applicants to try and confirm their suitability for the property. References can be obtained from previous landlords, employers and other relevant contacts.  


These 6 questions can be helpful to find the right people for your apartment. Don’t be afraid to ask as your property is one of the most valuable assets you own! It’s natural that you want to be sure your house is in good hands. 

Three Sixty Living will do all of the above and much more, securing you an income and ensuring your property is well managed. Contact us if you are looking for an estate agency to manage your property in and around the Stockport area. We have various packages on offer for landlords and will help you find the one that suits you best. 

All our packages cover: 

  • Finding excellent tenants to ensure your property isn’t left empty 
  • Expert repair team and low-cost repairs 
  • Drop-in service for landlords and customers 
  • Comprehensive inventory with digital photographs 
  • Expert landlord advice 
  • Dedicated tenancy manager 
  • Tenancy support services for tenants 

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