Oaktree Three Sixty Works 15

Oaktree Court

Stockport MBC
10 weeks

Oaktree Court is close to local amenities in Cheadle village and is an assisted living block which holds 37 homes that were built in 1974 and renovated in 1992.

Three Sixty replaced 27 of the bathrooms in Oaktree Court and 2 of the shared WCs to turn them into accessible wet rooms, to better suit the needs of the tenants. The complete transformation of these rooms included the installation of  PROForma floors, half-height shower doors, wall-mounted shower seats and much more.

The image banner below will show you a before and after of the bathrooms.

The Result

The result is one of total transformation of the previous bathroom into a new clean, accessible space which will change the lives of local residents.

Billy Gill who lives in Oaktree Court, said:

“I am really happy with the work and they have done a wonderful job. I like the tiling very much and the wet room is very nice and easy to maintain and keep clean now. This wasn’t the case before as it had more obstacles like the gate which was awkward and I kept banging into things. The new bathroom is easier to access and use and has more room to walk about and I don’t feel like I would fall over, you just pull the curtain away and away you go! I lived in the flat the whole time of the works which took 14 days (nearly 3 weeks Monday-Fri) but the works didn’t bother me too much – from start to finish they went smoothly and the staff was professional and sweeped up and cleaned after every day."


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