Three Sixty On Site 25

Adswood Roofing & Walls

Stockport Homes
18 months
£3.6 Million

Three Sixty are undertaking the roof replacement and renewing of wall render works on several private and social housing properties in Adswood, Stockport.

Many of the existing roof structures Three Sixty are currently working on forms the loft space and has a number of timber elements that make the overall pitch. Each element enables the roof to span across the building and support the tiles/covering on top as well as being able to transfer the loads created by any wind and snow down to the walls. 

Our fully trained team are quickly and professionally replacing the full house roof, verge to verge. The new roof fittings are wind and watertight using our dry systems while we also provided adequate ventilation to bring it up to the current British standard and to ensure the longevity in all of our works.


The Result

While the project is still underway, we are proud to be working closely with the local community on this project which impacts their day to day. Three Sixty are not just here to make money, we are here to deliver a high-quality service that our customers are delighted with and make sure the balance is right.



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